October 2, 2016

Cathryn Connolley
SystemCare Health

Are your physician productivity strategies successful?

The Congressional Budget Office recently released a report that showed hospitals need to boost productivity between 0.5 to one percent each year to maintain profitability under the Affordable Care Act. As healthcare delivery transitions toward value-based reimbursement, the patient care model and organizational business plans absolutely need to be baked into the strategic plan of healthcare organizations.... together. These initiatives can’t be worked on in different departmental silos only to be reviewed every quarter as a 15 minute agenda item.  Organizations need to re-engineer current processes and systems to be planning together for sustainable success.

SystemCare Health focuses on a top-down, system-wide strategic approach which includes recruitment, onboarding, credentialing, operations/scheduling, business building resources, data analytics, strategic marketing and physician relations – all working synergistically so physicians can meet their productivity goals. This ensures three main objects are met – increased productivity, improved patient satisfaction and reduction in physician turnover.

Our signature program, Doctivity℠, aligns all the key stakeholders within a health system and brings them together under one united objective – increase physician productivity AND do it as quickly as possible. Doctivity℠ simultaneously builds professional satisfaction and retention while minimizing financial strains that are associated with practice growth by implementing key planning processes and tools while breaking down the typical “functional silos” that most health systems are challenged with. An example of a restructuring move that we see as a “must do” is moving strategic marketing and the physician relations function out from under the communications, public relations and media umbrella and putting them together in the business strategy division. 

Doctivity℠ is laser focused on enabling the rapid and effective productivity growth of three unique physician groups: new physicians, underperforming established physicians and acquired practices.

Additionally, we look at how strategic priorities, like increasing physician productivity, are set and communicated system-wide can help identify areas of opportunity for improvement. For example, is there currently executive support, a champion on the executive team, who can drive a sustainable physician productivity program across the organization? Do you have alignment between your operations teams and your strategic marketing and physician relations teams to ensure continuity of growing priority programs and gaining market share? Are you identifying “low hanging fruit” like keeping referrals “in the system’s healthcare family”? All of these strategies are critical to a successful physician productivity program.

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