April 9, 2020

Tim Coughlin
SystemCare Health

Physician Liaisons: How to get a seat at the strategy table now and after COVID-19

There’s no question that the new normal for physician relations is upon us here in the COVID-19 environment. With an increase in remote work forces, social networking, telehealth and canceled elective surgeries, the way hospitals and health systems engage with their employed physicians and referring physicians will be changed forever. The proactive physician liaison will learn to adapt their communication strategies and strengthen their relationships to increase business to their system during COVID-19.

However, while the industry is abuzz about the new communication methods, the fool proof way to drive business now and in the future is through effective ROI measurement. Understanding the revenue implications of each and every referral is a way to build a sound strategy around referral targeting. Liaisons now can focus on those referral streams that drive the most contribution margin to the system. By prioritizing these important revenue streams, liaisons can be more efficient in their jobs.

This goes way beyond tracking numbers of referrals. This is about partnering with operations or finance to understand the charges related to each referral. Dig into the data, manually build your own reference spreadsheet, do the calculations, and then you can see the true fruits of your labor. You’ll be able to make the connection between your visits to the referring provider, the numbers of referrals that generated, the case mix of those referrals and the revenue brought into the system directly related to you!

You now have a way to show leadership you can pay for yourself, and then some. You can confidently sit at the leadership strategy table armed with a true process to show effectiveness through data, measurement and ROI calculation.

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