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Analyze referral patterns and strategic target key market relationships using your electonic health record.

  • Referral tracking
  • Payer mix
  • Case types
  • Employed vs non employed

Enhance strategic planning with claims data insights into your competitive markets.

  • 1.2B+ billion medical claims
  • Provider referral relationships
  • Procedural volume by service line
  • Provider alignment analysis

Report on key performance indicators to easily identify providers with declining productivity.

  • New and established patients
  • wRVUs
  • Surgical volume
  • RVU benchmarking

Our revolutionary Doctivity® software analytics program will accelerate your business development, ensure provider productivity goals are met and generate new revenue.

It’s the only such product that brings all data sets together in an efficient, web-based and easy to use format, so our clients have complete information to target specific areas in need of improvement and attention. Using any electronic medical record and claims data, Doctivity® enables you to target your business development efforts on individual physicians, group practices, and service line platforms to speed organizational business growth.

Doctivity® software quickly identifies the right opportunities to improve your bottom line. We provide value by solving your business advancement challenges, and, what’s more, it takes just two new specialty referrals we help generate for our product to pay for itself each year.

Key Performance Indicators

  • New revenue tracker graph

  • Metrics Dashboard

    • Tracks your organization’s monthly KPIs. This sample includes: New Outpatients, Established Outpatients, New OR cases, Total RVUs, RVU rank
    • These can be customized to your organizational KPIs

Claims Data Strategic Output

  • Indicates provider alignment analysis your employed physicians as well as independent physicians in your market based on shared patient relationships.

  • This information is key in understanding referral relationships to help healthcare organizations gain competitive advantages in identifying growth opportunities and strategic outreaches. Doctivity® easily shows your high-impact practitioners, who is splitting referrals and to where, and who isn't sending patients at all. Not only does Doctivity® show patient relationships between providers, but it also creates organizational scorecards by facility to identify what patient types your competitors are seeing.

  • Doctivity® has made what used to be a complicated and time consuming analysis easy to understand for your ongoing important business planning work because the data is displayed by service line, sub-specialty services and payer mix. This data is key for growth planning including;

    • Understanding your competition
    • What new services should be offered
    • Identifying new locations where services should provided
    • Enhancing organizational recruitment strategy
    • Business development
    • Referral targeting work

Referral Alignment Analytics

  • Top dashboard is a referral tracker showing number of new referrals to the specific provider each month

  • Identifies referral sources by employed and independent showing number of new referrals completed. This information is very important for business development, building stronger referring relationships both internally and externally

  • Visit payers – Pie chart showing the breakdown of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer mix

  • Visit type – Pie chart showing types of cases completed each month. This helps with understanding what types of cases are being referred. Decisions can then be made on what messaging to referring physicians to increase the more desired cases

  • Referral Affiliation – Shows the split of referrals coming from internal sources and external sources

Doctivity® delivers a 360-degree, full-circle view of a provider’s practice by promptly producing individual provider dashboards based on the following business indicators:

  • Referral Data

    We dive deep into referral information and present data on our dashboards to optimize business growth through referral relationships.

  • Case Mix

    Ensuring that the provider is seeing the right types of patients is key to successfully building the practice. A surgical specialist, for example, requires a case mix most likely to generate surgical volume.

  • Performance Indicators

    We use productivity benchmarking set by the clients to understand how a provider is performing – identifying declining of stagnant productivity (such as wRVUs, OR cases, etc.) and also tying growth back to the business development efforts.

  • Payer Mix Analysis

    We provide a breakdown of the patients’ payers to help our clients understand and appropriately maximize potential reimbursements.

  • Claims Data

    We provide strategic information regarding the competition in your market, where potential business is going, and case types.

  • New Revenue Generation

    You can quickly see the new revenue generated by a new referral source.

A hybrid business development tool and an advanced physician relationship management platform, Doctivity® highlights areas of opportunity so our clients can easily pivot business building strategies to impact priority services, physician practices and growth markets.

Our product is extremely intuitive, providing access to easy to understand Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards beneficial to all levels of an organization. You can easily replace your multiple, costly software sources by using our streamlined Doctivity® software. We also incorporated functionality to export PDF dashboards that are automatically shared monthly on a specified date and time. Users can communication with one another while in Doctivity®, focusing on an entire geography or a single physician practice. We’ve incorporated functionality to capture specific information relevant to business development and market intelligence about a provider or multiple providers.

With our web-based software, you don’t have to install anything or worry about upgrades. There are no technical concerns, and we handle all security, backups and upgrades. Your data is stored in a state-of-the-art, highly-secure data center and is backed-up daily. Our servers are protected by biometric locks, 24-hour surveillance, and our software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches.

Doctivity® is a unique technology solution. It's serverless technology stack allows it to scale infinitely. Yet it is very cost efficient when not in use. Doctivity® does not require a cumbersome integration with existing electronic medical records systems. This allows it to be deployed faster, with less concern for patient and client privacy, and effectively meet all government regulations. Medical administrators often do not want yet another system to login to. Doctivity® can generate reports with the most critical data and deliver it to their inboxes. When clients do want to login, they can do so quickly and securely using single-sign-on technology integrated with their own system identity providers.

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