With hospital systems facing significant pressure to increase new revenue, cut unnecessary waste, increase physician productivity, improve patient satisfaction, grow new patient volume and innovate administrative inefficiencies in order to stay competitive, accelerating physician productivity and strategic patient targeting is at the forefront of most profitability discussions.

We are a team of seasoned healthcare professionals with a combined 75 years of healthcare strategy and business development expertise. Our integrated approach aligns all the key stakeholders to the strategic business initiatives for the healthcare organization. This allows for synergy in business building and setting growth plans successful.

Our focus is 100% on improving the way our clients approach the business of healthcare. Our Doctivity® software product and our other consulting offerings goals are to increase new revenue, grow new patient volumes, improve surgical case mix and payer mix leading to increased physician productivity. By focusing on provider productivity not only does it lead to a fiscally strong organization but this ultimately leads to higher patient satisfaction scores and improved provider retention rates.

SystemCare Health specializes in three areas:

1. Physician Practice Development

Doctivity® is an innovative and integrated business model designed to generate significant savings, increase revenues and strengthen physician retention rates for new and existing physicians as well as acquired physician practices.

2. Operational Process Improvement

SystemCare Health experts extract, analyze and interpret data to map patient pathways, pinpoint key referral sources, build important referral relationships and overcome operational roadblocks.

3. Strategic Marketing & Business Building

SystemCare Health expands the capabilities of internal marketing teams, deepens the impact of marketing resources, and amplifies the results of marketing investments to build successful physician practices.

We focus on the provider side of the healthcare space including:

  • Integrated healthcare organizations

  • Academic healthcare organizations

  • Private practice groups

  • For-profit healthcare organizations

  • Urgent care corporations

  • Multi-specialty group practices

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