Over the past decade, hospitals and health systems have made significant investments in employed physicians. Many of these investments have been made due to acquisition opportunities, competitive pressures or care delivery needs have surfaced – rather than as a part of the overall strategic business plan.

At SystemCare Health, we believe that a synergistic approach to business development is key to developing a high-performing physician practice. Your employed physician strategy should tie directly to your organizations strategic business plan, and be supported by all the key stakeholders. Whether you are hiring new physicians, growing the practice of existing physicians, or acquiring a physician practice, we can help you eliminate roadblocks and expedite profitability through our product offerings as well as through our Doctivity® software platform.

We are a healthcare consulting firm who has extensive experience with business development and accelerating provider productivity working inside and delivering solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands in healthcare. With the healthcare space becoming more and more competitive over the same patients and market share your organization needs an outside consulting partner who can help you cut through the same old, same old way healthcare organizations approached business building and learn how to strategically grow your business at the provider, service line and organizational level.

Most hospitals and healthcare systems are looking for three elements of a successful practice development plan:

  • Attract ideal case mixes and preferred patients

  • Build productive referral relationships

  • Protect and enhance overall market reputation and differentiate from the competition

From practice development planning to brand positioning and recruitment marketing, SystemCare Health has a solution that will work for your unique needs.

SystemCare Health's flagship program – Doctivity® – is designed to be a holistic and integrated approach to successful practice development. By aligning all the key segments of a successful practice development program – from operations and finance to marketing and data analytics – Doctivity℠ can eliminate functional silos and deliver a scalable and repeatable program that can improve net revenue income and increase physician retention.

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