Physician productivity is the cornerstone to a healthcare system’s financial success. The Doctivity® proven business strategy includes developing an integrated and repeatable program designed to address all areas of physician practice development to ensure productivity goals are met.

The Doctivity® Strategy Model focuses on each of the key functions in a healthcare organization that contribute to the development of a successful physician practice. With synergistic alignment, everyone needs to understands what must be accomplished – and why.


Working in conjunction with a health system’s internal and external recruiters, Doctivity® ensures a smooth hand off that begins 3-4 months before the physician’s start date.


Building an effective physician onboarding program lowers attrition rates and identifies problems before it’s too late.


Timely and efficient credentialing enhances the reputation of the system and eliminates unnecessary lag times in seeing new patients.


Careful interpretation of internal system data and external data sources pinpoints opportunities for new patient acquisition and provides insight into targeting liaison activities to strengthen referral sources.


Armed with a customized practice development plan, Doctivity® defines the objectives, target markets and key messages for all strategic marketing platforms to generate patient volumes.


The cost of replacing a physician can exceed $250,000 by some estimations. While it is nearly impossible to retain every physician, health systems can improve their retention rates by building successful practices allowing physicians to do what they do best – practice medicine.

Our unique approach combines elements of:

  • Process Improvement
  • Data Analytics
  • Effective Communication
  • Strategic Marketing & Communication
  • Focused Practice Development
  • Timely Measurement & ROI

The combination of these elements allows for:

  • Continuity of messaging
  • Measurable objectives that align with the system’s strategic business initiatives
  • Elimination of operational roadblocks that could lead to a new physician’s failure
  • Expedited physician practice development
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Increased patient satisfaction