Because today’s ever changing healthcare landscape is wrought with physician shortages, hospital closings, changes to reimbursement and increasing costs for recruitment, it has never been more important to be sure your message and brand promise align with your product and service delivery.

The days of just finding a candidate who is qualified are behind us and there is a growing need to focus on the dynamics between identifying a qualified candidate and ensuring they fit into your organization.

SystemCare Health believes that to be successful in recruiting and retaining the right candidates, there must be a strong connection with your brand. Recruitment marketing strategies and messaging must communicate key differentiators about your organization, your vision, your values and your culture.

Key Facts Affecting Physician Recruitment Today:

  • National Physician Shortage:
    Expected to be 150,000 by 2025

  • Average Recruitment Time:
    10 to 14 Months

  • Average Direct Recruitment Cost:
    $30,000 Per Physician

  • Average Turnover Rates:
    6% Nationally

  • When Physicians Are Solicited:
    1 to 5 Years Post Fellowship

  • Annual Replacement/Lost Revenue Cost:
    $1.4 Million Per Physician

Impact on Provider Retention

A strong recruitment plan can have a major impact on a provider’s decision to stay with an organization. In fact, successful recruitment and retention are, in many ways, two sides of the same coin. Often the features that attract a provider to an organization are the same ones that tend to keep them with the organization. Ensuring you have a strong and effective recruitment strategy that is tied to your corporate brand promise is critical to successful provider retention.

How SystemCare Health Can Help

The team at SystemCare Health has been executing successful recruitment branding and marketing strategies for more than 15 years, representing some of the biggest healthcare brands in the world. Our team has presented nationally on the importance of recruitment branding and marketing, the ROI successful recruitment marketing strategies can bring to an organization, and why different marketing tactics are more successful in recruiting different specialists, advanced practitioners, residents and nurses.

At SystemCare Health, we believe that focusing on a targeted and strategic recruitment plan and coupling that with a retention program designed to marry the promise of the organizational brand with the needs of the physician community is key to attracting and keeping the best and the brightest.

We offer:

  • A strategic approach that integrates the brand promise with targeted messaging that will create a positive association between the organization and the recruit
  • A comprehensive understanding of the audience, encouraging them to react through rational and emotional connections to the organization’s culture
  • A team of healthcare recruitment marketing professionals who have worked with some of the biggest names in healthcare
  • A robust onboarding and retention strategy that addresses all of the key drivers of physician turnover
  • Two engagement options: a partnership with your existing recruitment team or a consultative approach to execute strategic recruitment searches, including web, digital, direct marketing and e-marketing
  • An in-house media placement division with long-standing relationships with key placement outlets
  • Full marketing and advertising agency capabilities, including design, copy writing, recruitment web development, social media and collateral development.
  • A measurable program that will quickly demonstrate financial gains for the healthcare organization

Let SystemCare Health help you create a sustainable, targeted physician recruitment and retention program. Our Recruitment and Retention Strategies can help you find and keep the best and brightest talent.

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