Understanding where your patients are coming from … or not coming from … is critical for creating/cultivating the right relationships that will grow or retain referrals. The need to develop effective and realistic solutions to address the shifting patient referral market requires a strategic and measurable approach.

SystemCare Health understands that today’s healthcare environment is wrought with change, and the scales are tipping from physicians needing hospitals to hospitals needing physicians. The emergence of free-standing ambulatory care centers and multi-specialty clinics are providing physicians with increasing options for where to send their patients.

Because we are a team consisting of all healthcare insiders, we realize that hospitals need to make a concerted effort to effectively manage the increasingly critical relationship between the referring physician and the health system.

To effectively cultivate existing referral relationships as well as to garner new ones, you must have a physician relations model that couples strategy with compassion, data analysis with market intelligence and a team of professionals well equipped to handle any challenge – all of which needs to be supported by executive leadership.

Our proven model builds upon key components – proper set up, an effective sales strategy, and program evaluations, all of which are customized to the individual needs of the hospital – what are their present circumstances and future goals and what financial targets are they looking to achieve. We look at building a solid, well-planned, and properly executed program which includes the following:

  • Complete support from hospital leadership
  • Well defined and measurable objectives
  • Full system integration
  • Access to market share and data analytics
  • Effective encounters
  • Timely and consistent reporting

Ultimately, a well thought out and executed physician relations program nurtures referral relationships on an ongoing basis in order to continue to provide value and differentiate the hospital from its competition. With proper planning, flexibility to adjust to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare environment and the cooperation of the entire hospital, your Physician Relations Program will be a success.

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